The Tripping Griswolds played for our daughter’s wedding at the Aspen Glen Club, outside Glenwood Springs last weekend. The band was great and the music was awesome! Lots of classic rock-n-roll from the 70’s with some other fun dance tunes thrown in from other eras to satisfy the whole crowd, from little kids to the 90 year old grandparents. The band was fun, interacting with the crowd, out wandering through the dance floor and allowing guests to sing-along. Lots of great vocalists in the band to do a great job covering songs from Frank Sinatra to AC/DC! Believe me, music is our thing and we enjoy attending lots of concerts all the time – This band is great and very professional. A thousand times better than any DJ. Book them now!
Karen & Eric Matheson – Parents of the bride.
Adam Rice & Megan Matheson wedding – 07/28/18

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Dear Tripping Griswolds,

You did a fabulous job at our son's wedding on July 14th in Aspen. Everything was perfect from the chapel music to the dinner music to the dance party. I have never heard sets as long as yours played with such energy and enthusiasm. Sharing the mic, the cowbell and the tambourine with the guests added to the fun and the icing on the cake was when a vocalist (ponytail) lay down on the dance floor to sing to a little girl. You all obviously love your job playing in the band and that made for such a wonderful evening. Believe me, I have been to hundreds of weddings in my lifetime, but hands down you are the best band I have ever had the pleasure to dance to. Keep up the good work and again, thank you for making the evening unforgettable.

Anne Leonard, mother of the groom

Nick Leonard and Jen Berkowitz wedding 7/14/2018
Aspen Chapel and Conundrum Creek Road reception


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